Special NYC Leader event (Free) | Navigating your Career | Negotiations and Branding on May 25th 2017

The NYC user group leaders will be holding a very special career, negotiation and branding session for all its members.  If your new to Salesforce, worked on it for years or are a seasoned professional everyone can learn something from attending this event.  This unique Salesforce centric opportunity will explain to the attendees the core things that recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in candidates.  It will explain how to put your best foot forward when requesting a promotion at your current company or describing your skill to a future employer on an open position.

I personally plan to learn a lot of things from this event myself.  I believe that negotiation skills are very important to you not only for salary negotiation but for everyday life.  If your negotiating on a new car | house, that must have item you found locally on Craigslist or dinner with your partner positioning yourself from a “position of strength” is important.  The soft skills of communicating your thoughts and convincing the other person or group why your way is the most logical or best solution without sound rude or pompous is core to your everyday life.  It’s one of the skill I plan to strengthen myself.

One of the best quotes I have ever heard is if you don’t know where you are going all roads will get you there.  It’s always great to make both personal and professional goals so that you have a purpose as you go throughout life. Its also ok, these goals can change.  Even though I am a very goals oriented individual, only in the last couple of years I learned that the journey is just as important as getting to the  end result.  So you should learn and enjoy your journey as you get to your goals.   One of the core purposes to this meetup is to help individuals navigate their career.  So if you’re a Business Analyst, Administrator, Developer, Project Manager, Architect or COO what will be the next steps for you? Our experts will help identify what you are doing today and what you want do tomorrow.  These can be the same thing and that’s ok too.

Recruiters, Human Resources and hiring managers get hundreds of resumes daily.  They use software and tactics to scan the resumes for the skills they need the most.  Are some of these trigger words on your resume today?  The experts are offering a free day to look at your resume to highlight your strengths and identify those skills not currently on your resume.  This will give you the opportunity to use Salesforce Trailhead or other training sites to get the skills that will get you hired.

I am one of the NYC User Group leaders who will be assisting the event and hope to see you attend.

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Join the NYC Salesforce User Group on Thursday, May 25th for a jam-packed evening where you can learn to Navigate Your Career as a Salesforce Professional! We’ll have industry experts discussing average salaries and salary negotiation, how to build your personal brand and hear from hiring managers and recruiters on what they look for in a Candidate. In addition to this, we’ll also be offering free one on one resume consultations and advice.

Register here: https://lnkd.in/dimWTjj