Salesforce Object ID Prefixes Decoder (Your secret decoder ring for Salesforce IDs)

In the blog post “What is difference between 15 and 18 Digit Record Id’s in Salesforce” I make reference to a Salesforce Acccount Id of 0015000001Fn4VL in my sample.

These IDs are the core to identifying the unique records and configuration in Salesforce. This information can be found in Knowledge Article Number 000005995.  I would like to share with my awesome admins the ID Prefix and the Objects those IDs are associated to. This can help you if you work in a multiple administrator org and someone provided to you and already exported file from the system.

Open the box and grab your Salesforce decoder ring to take the mystery out of those ID Prefix.

ID Prefix

Object Type

001 Account
002 Note
003 Contact
005 User
006 Opportunity
008 OpportunityHistory
100 UserLicense
101 Custom Label
400 ApexClassMember
500 Case
501 Solution
608 ForecastShare
701 Campaign
707 AsyncApexJob
709 ApexTestQueueItem
750 Bulk Query Job
751 Bulk Query Batch
752 Bulk Query Result
800 Contract
806 Approval
888 Remote Access
000 Empty Key
00a CaseComment/IdeaComment
00b WebLink
00B View
00D Organization
00e Profile
00E UserRole
00G Group
00h Page Layout
00I Partner
00J OpportunityCompetitor
00K OpportunityContactRole
00k OpportunityLineItem
00l Folder
00N Custom Field Definition
00o OpportunityLineItemSchedule
00O Report
00P Attachment
00p UserTeamMember
00Q Lead
00q OpportunityTeamMember
00r AccountShare
00S Import Queue
00t OpportunityShare
00T Task
00U Event
00v CampaignMember
00X EmailTemplate
010 CaseSolution
011 GroupMember
012 RecordType
015 Document
016 BrandTemplate(Letterhead)
018 EmailStatus
019 BusinessProcess
01a DashboardComponent
01D UserAccountTeamMember
01H MailmergeTemplate
01I Custom Object
01m BusinessHours
01M AccountTeamMember
01n CaseShare
01N Scontrol
01o LeadShare
01p ApexClass
01q ApexTrigger
01Q AssignmentRule
01Q Workflow Rule
01r Visualforce Tab
01s Pricebook2
01t Product2
01u PricebookEntry
01Y CampaignMemberStatus
01Z Dashboard
020 EventAttendee
021 QuantityForecast
022 FiscalYearSettings
026 Period
027 RevenueForecast
028 OpportunityOverride
029 LineitemOverride
02a ContractContactRole
02c Sharing Rule
02i Asset
02n CategoryNode
02o CategoryData
02s EmailMessage
02Z AccountContactRole
033 Package
035 SelfServiceUser
03d Validation Rule
03g QueueSobject
03j CaseContactRole
03s ContactShare
03u UserPreference
04g ProcessInstance
04h ProcessInstanceStep
04i ProcessInstanceWorkitem
04k Outbound Message Id
04l Outbound Notification Id
04m AdditionalNumber
04s AsyncResult/DeployResult
04t Install Package
04v CallCenter
04W RevenueForecastHistory
04X QuantityForecastHistory
04Y Field Update
058 ContentWorkspace
059 ContentWorkspaceDoc
05X DocumentAttachmentMap
060 Portal Id
066 ApexPage
068 ContentVersion
069 ContentDocument
07E Sandbox
07L ApexLog
07M ApexTestResult
07M Apex Test Result
081 StaticResource
082 Data from Uninstalled Packages
083 Vote
087 Idea
08e CronTrigger
08s CampaignShare
091 EmailServicesFunction
092 Weekly Data Export
093 EmailServicesAddress
099 ApexComponent
09a Community
0A2 Change Set
0A3 Installed Package
0BM Connection – Salesforce to Salesforce
0C0 Holiday
0D2 OrgWideEmailAddress
0D5 UserProfileFeed
0D5 FeedItem/NewsFeed/UserProfileFeed
0DM Site
0E8 EntitySubscription
0EP Inbound Change Set
0J0 SetupEntityAccess
0PS Permission Set Metadata
0Q0 Quote
0t0 TagDefinition
0Ya LoginHistory
1dc MetadataContainer
1dr ContainerAsyncRequest
7tf TraceFlag