Process Builder: Created and Last Modified Date information

Many companies are seeing the strength of using Process Builder for automating the company business process.  As an admin who used Salesforce for almost a decade, I am very versatile in the use of both Workflows and Process Builder. I must honestly say, the strength of Process Builders cross object functionality is very impressive and being used more by our organization to meet tasks previously performed by Workbench in our Sprints.

As one of the admins or developers for your org, you may have the need to find out who created or last modified one of the process builder that were previously built.  This is especially important if your have multiple administrators and developers working in your org.  However, for some reason the created and last modified username and last modified date does not show up on the admin user interface. Hopefully, sometime soon Salesforce will make this available in the admin UI as its essential for auditing purposes and helpful for someone investigating a recent change.

If you have a Process Builder automated process that you need to identify who created or last modified it, this can be accomplished pretty quickly with the use of the Workbench.

Login to the Workbench by doing one of the two following steps.

a. Google search of the “Salesforce Workbench” to get the latest version of the Workbench

b. Use the following url

Once you logged into the workbench with your username and password credentials, you want to do the following to get the created by and last modified by administrator information.

  1. Click on the “Info” drop down.
  2. Hover over : “Metadata Types & Components”
  3. Click on “Metadata Type & Components” in the available list
  4. Pick “Flow“ in the drop down when you see Metadata Type & Components in blue.
  5. Click on Components “folder” for list of Process Builders. I will display components.
  6. Click on the Process Builder name you used in your Salesforce Org to find the details.  Mine was Chatter Post on New Contact.

Picture from steps 1 (info) & 2 (Metadata Types & Components)

Picture from steps 3 (flow) / 4 (folder) & 5 (your process builder)

Now you know who created the process builder or modified that working process builder job.  This can be very valuable information for many different reasons.