The One.9 Million

While I was at Dreamforce October 3rd – 7th 2016 at one of the keynotes it was announced during the presentation that Salesforce was going to add about 2 million new jobs globally by 2020. Originally, I thought this number sounded a bit high.  I asked myself did I hear this information correctly. Wait let me pay attention a little closer to what’s being said.

Sure enough, I did hear correctly. After a quick google search using “Salesforce + 1.9 Million New Jobs + $389 Billion in New Revenue”, article after article dated at various times in September 2016 mentioned the increase in jobs. A white paper was posted on the topic.  The white paper had a breakdown of the economic benefits by country with some hard numbers as estimates.  This includes Infrastructure as a Service, Salesforce Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service.  This study does not talk anything about all the new spaces Salesforce is entering into.  E.G. Marketing Cloud, Pardot (Marketing Automation), SteelBrick (Quote to Cash Process) and various other companies like Krux, HeyWire, BeyondCore, Quip, Coolan, Demandware, Implisit, MetaMind, PredictionIO, SteelBrick, MinHash, Kerensen Consulting, Tempo AI, Toopher, RelateIQ, EdgeSpring, Clipboard, EntropySoft, Prior Knowledge, or Financial Force.

Ok, so you’re going to tell me that Saleforce is growing by acquisition and it’s to increase the Salesforce revenue.  Yes, I will agree with this statement.

As companies see the need to buy vs build new modulated components, application like the Marketing cloud and SteelBrick will be deployed at small, medium and large businesses.  This increase of the tech stack will create a need for further skilled awesome Admins and Developers.

So, if you’re a Salesforce Admin, Developer, Consultant, Marketing Specialist, or Finance Specialist the outcome looks good for future employment.

This didn’t even include those folk with extended knowledge of the platform like Lightning, Wave and Einstein which are taking center stage at some organizations.

So nearly two million new jobs is exactly what our new inspiring technologist need today.  Salesforce official training, success community and local user groups will help train the new wave of inspiring technologist!

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