Finding out what Salesforce instance the company is on when it uses My Domain.

Its Monday morning and you noticed that you got an email from Salesforce at 1:51 am stating that an upcoming MAINTENANCE Major Release – NA51 – Core Services.

#Season# ’18 Major Release


Impacted Services – Core Services

Availability – This instance will not be available during the maintenance window.

One issue is that

you manage more than 1 Salesforce instance and all your instances use My Domain.

So go to the url link

On the right side of the page you will notice a button called ‘My Domain’

I randomly typed the word Warm and someone else domain came up.  It was only used for learning purposes. Once you type in your company domain then it will tell you on what instance it resides.  Now you can match the notice number with the one that on the Salesforce My Domain site.

I recommend you store your Salesforce My Domains and Instances locally on a file to properly send out notification when the systems will be impacted.

If you dont know what domain you are using for your Salesforce instance, you can do the following.

  1. Setup
  2. Administer
  3. Domain Management
  4. My Domain