Memorial Day three great days to jump start your Career

Ah Memorial Day,  “A day on which those who died in active military service are remembered, traditionally observed on May 30 but now officially observed on the last Monday in May.”

I first would like to thank all those who served in our military to keep us safe.  Especially those who gave their lives for our country.  We are forever in your debt.

It is also the official start of the summer where I live.  A glorious three day weekend where we spend time with loved ones over a charcoal barbecue grill and eating some very delicious cuts of meat.  We have vegetarian options as well.  While your drinking your beverage of choice in the back yard barbecue socializing.

The prior week to Memorial Day I received several email about how to use the extended weekend to improve your career.  I decided to write a post about the topic as they touched on some really good topics.  It was not coincidence, the NYC Salesforce User Group Leaders had an amazing 4 hour event called “Navigating Your Career! A Resume and Branding Event” which I also attended.  Industry experts from the NYC are came to share their experience with the community about tips and tricks of getting into the Salesforce ecosystem and what you can to do excel your development.

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I personally think you should be strategizing the improvement of these areas over time.  You can add value to all the areas at once so you should pick and choose what needs improvement.  What better thing to be doing during the sun shine, pool side, barbecue event than taking an hour or two out of your day and focus on you.

  1. Motivation and drive – The first thing you should do before you try to excel career wise is really be driven to find a new career or excel in your current one.
  2. Broadcast at work – Let others in your office know you and expert. If your in marketing | Administration or development, train and educate people on the latest technologies that can help the organization.  Let them know your and expert.  You will be put on special projects that need your skill sets.
  3. Your resume – this should be up to date if your or the market or not. Every week | every month your working on new projects, new tasks something different that you did not do the week or month before.  It gets added to your skill sets and should be forefront if they are in demand.
  4. Networking – I once sat the President of Sales at one of my companies. I asked Tony, how did you get to meet so many people and how do so many people know who you are.  He simply said, Bill I go to evening meetup events where I meet people who are in the same industry and local to me.  This is how I build my professional network.
  5. LinkedIn – If you don’t have a linkedIn account I recommend that you create one. Start to connect with those at your company. Connect with those you do business with if you meeting with outside vendors like a consultancy or partner application.
  6. LinkedIn Jobs – LinkedIn has taken great traction in the market. I don’t want to date myself but I remember the days of, and the Ladders.  Yes I am dating myself.  Depending on your job LinkedIn is one of the premier sources to find Salesforce jobs today.
  7. Other tools I use, Ziprecruiter is a good tool that searches websites for keyword. I wake up in the morning and on my phone is pushed three separate emails on searches I programmed when I started my Salesforce career.  You can add keyword searches like Salesforce Administrator, Saleforce Manager or Salesforce Director depending on the type of position you’re looking for.  I believe it is key to see what skill sets are in demand and what is coming down the pike in your industry.
  8. Recruiters – Yes Agencies, Head Hunters are key to have in your network. I personally have a small team of recruiters I stay in touch with in my network. They help me stay current on what skills are in demand, what companies in the area are hiring and where my skill are a good fit.  Don’t rule out recruiters, they get niche jobs that are not advertised to the world that need to be filled with a specific type of skill set.
  9. Trailhead – If you’re a Salesforce professional one of the best resources to get free training is to use Trailhead. This interactive site has trails that bring the user through the platform and ecosystem.
  10. YouTube – personally I use YouTube a lot for many training videos. From motivational speakers, to health knowledge and my son and I watch funny pranks too. However, early on in my career I used Dreamforce videos to pass the Salesforce Admin and Advance admin exams.  If you go to YouTube and search for keyword Dreamforce “reports and dashboards or Dreamforce “security” or Dreamforce “…..” you will find some excellent recorded content from the Dreamforce HOT series (Hands on Training).
  11. Help others – I find that I learn the most when I am mentoring other folk. When people ask you how to do something, you must programmatically and logically think step by step how to do what they are asking.  You become a better person during this process.

Well this year we had rain on May 29, 2017 all day in NYC. It was an awesome day to sleep late, do a little shopping and write a blog post to help the community.  I still have a lot of my day left so I think I will work on how I can add some more effective job recruitment ideas to this article.

2017 Salesforce Skills

Share your 2017 goals with the world? As the New Year approaches quickly regardless of what you do today what new skills do you plan to invest in for advancing your career tomorrow? Please share your thoughts and why you picked your choice. 

After two weeks on the site, the user community voted Lightning.  If your a new administrator or developer Lightning should be on your roadmap according to the user community.


The One.9 Million

While I was at Dreamforce October 3rd – 7th 2016 at one of the keynotes it was announced during the presentation that Salesforce was going to add about 2 million new jobs globally by 2020. Originally, I thought this number sounded a bit high.  I asked myself did I hear this information correctly. Wait let me pay attention a little closer to what’s being said.

Sure enough, I did hear correctly. After a quick google search using “Salesforce + 1.9 Million New Jobs + $389 Billion in New Revenue”, article after article dated at various times in September 2016 mentioned the increase in jobs. A white paper was posted on the topic.  The white paper had a breakdown of the economic benefits by country with some hard numbers as estimates.  This includes Infrastructure as a Service, Salesforce Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service.  This study does not talk anything about all the new spaces Salesforce is entering into.  E.G. Marketing Cloud, Pardot (Marketing Automation), SteelBrick (Quote to Cash Process) and various other companies like Krux, HeyWire, BeyondCore, Quip, Coolan, Demandware, Implisit, MetaMind, PredictionIO, SteelBrick, MinHash, Kerensen Consulting, Tempo AI, Toopher, RelateIQ, EdgeSpring, Clipboard, EntropySoft, Prior Knowledge, or Financial Force.

Ok, so you’re going to tell me that Saleforce is growing by acquisition and it’s to increase the Salesforce revenue.  Yes, I will agree with this statement.

As companies see the need to buy vs build new modulated components, application like the Marketing cloud and SteelBrick will be deployed at small, medium and large businesses.  This increase of the tech stack will create a need for further skilled awesome Admins and Developers.

So, if you’re a Salesforce Admin, Developer, Consultant, Marketing Specialist, or Finance Specialist the outcome looks good for future employment.

This didn’t even include those folk with extended knowledge of the platform like Lightning, Wave and Einstein which are taking center stage at some organizations.

So nearly two million new jobs is exactly what our new inspiring technologist need today.  Salesforce official training, success community and local user groups will help train the new wave of inspiring technologist!