Administration of Adobe Sign

Your boss walks up to you one day and says, we want to integrate sending legal documents to our customers using Salesforce data.  The company has decided to go with Adobe Sign as its primary application.

Later that day when you go home, you can get a 14 day trial of the application so you can learn how to use it.  Go to the Adobe site, choose Adobe Sign and then Free Trial.

Once you get your account you will have a full working 14 day trial of the application.  I have to admit, the interface on the application is very clean and easy to use.

Account – Here you will find the core Administration functions.

Dashboard, I used it to quickly add a Template to my Library.  It gives you a full view of everything happening in your account.

Manage – Will show all your documents that have been sent out, signed and your Template.

Account Tab – Here is where Admins will spend most of their time. Adding Users, creating Groups for people to share documents with and configure the Security.

Manage – Here is where you will find the documents Waiting to be Signed, those out for Signature, Signed, Archived, and Library Templates.